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Dr. Eng. Aris Aryanto, ST., MT.
Research Interests

Concrete Materials and Structures, Metalic/Non-Metalic & other Materials, Performance Based Design


Cement, Concrete, Material, Structure, Corrosion, Structural Retrofit/Rehabilitation

Email : [at]si.itb.ac.id

  • (S1) ITB, Bandung – Indonesia 2004
  • (S2) ITB, Bandung – Indonesia 2008
  • (S3) Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo – Jepang 2014
  • Sumono Prize,
  • Bintang Jasa Utama,
  • Penghargaan Berprestasi Tinggi dalam Kursus Lemhannas Angkatan ke VII,
  • The World Bank Award for Excellence,
  • Satya Lencana Karya Satya, 40 Tahun ITB
  • Tim Konseptor SNI 2847:2019
  • Tim Konseptor SNI 1726:2019
  • Tim Konseptor SNI-ACI 440
  • Tim Konseptor SNI-ASCE 41
  • Member of HAKI
  • Member of AARGI
  • Member of ACI
  • Aryanto, A., Winata, B.J. (2021) “Tension Stiffening behavior of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Tension Members”, Journal of and Technological Sciences. Vol.53 No.2
  • Triwiyono, A., Han, A.L., Aryanto, A., Tudjomo, S., Gan, B.S. (2020) “Effect of specimen gauge reduction on uniaxial tension properties of reinforcing steel”, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International
  • Aryanto, A., Winata, B.J., (2020) “Seismic Performance of Popypropylene Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Column with Corroded Reinforcing Bars” Proceeding The 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE), Sendai, Japan, September 13th -18th 2020. 
  • Imansyah, M.D., Imran, I, Kamaruddin, K. S., Aryanto, A, and Riansyah, M. (2019) Behavior of earthquake-resistant structure elements using polypropylene fiber and high strength reinforcing bars” MATEC Web of Conferences 258, 05007 (2019), SCESCM 2018
  • Aryanto, A., and ShinoharaY., (2014), “Effecof confinement and concretstrengtupocracbehaviors induced by corrosionproduct expansioforeinforced concrete members”. Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transaction of AIJ) Vo.7No.685
  • Imran, I., Aryanto, A., (2009) ” Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frames In-Filled With Lightweight Materials Under Seismic Loads” The Civil Engineering Dimension (Dimensi Teknik SipilUniversitas Petra, Vol. 11, No. 2, September