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Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering (HumanE) 2022

Brief Description

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, is organizing an “Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering (HumanE)” International Virtual Course (IVC) 2022. IVC 2022 will be held on 1-25 August 2022, with both online and offline settings (hybrid) for participants’ preference. Aimed at discussing and providing an understanding to higher education engineering students on how humanitarian engineering is implemented in engineering projects and activities. There will be talks on the humanitarian engineering from ethical, theory and practical perspectives, sustainability, role of engineers in disaster management and humanitarian response, followed by several aspects on its implementation in various sectors, such as geologic hazards, architectural and structural aspects, and social interface. Interactive discussion-based activities and group collaborations will help participants to envisage how humanitarian engineering could be implemented within their practice.

Host University

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Partner University
  • University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
  • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh)
  • Ho Chi Minh University of Transport (Vietnam)
  • Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (Vietnam)
  • Gajar Mada University (Indonesia)
  • Brawijaya University (Indonesia)
Course Topics
  • Humanitarian Engineering: Ethics, Theory and Practices
  • Sustainability, Water and Environmental Management
  • Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response: Role of Engineers
  • Aspect #1 Region Vulnerability (Geologic Hazards)
  • Aspect #2 Settlement (Architectural/Planological Review)
  • Aspect #3 Building Vulnerability (Structural Review)
  • Aspect #4 Social Interface/ Aspect
  • Group Project’s Presentation

The instruction is in English and conducted via hybrid (offline and Zoom meeting platform).

Course Instructors
  • Prof. Georgia Kremmyda (ENHANCE Project, Project Coordinator, University of Warwick)*
  • Dr. Toong-Khuan Chan (School of Design, University of Melbourne)*
  • Prof. Norio Maki (Disaster Prevention Research Institute/DPRI, Kyoto University)*
  • Prof. Dr. Krishna S. Pribadi (Institut Teknologi Bandung)
  • Dr. Irwan Meilano (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*
  • Dr. Patria Kusumaningrum (Institut Teknologi Bandung)
  • Dr. Teti Armiati Argo (Institut Teknologi Bandung)*

* in Confirmation

Date of Course

1-25 August 2022 (integrated with TROCOZ)

Who could be a participant?

ITB and International students with any educational backgrounds relevant to the course
Indonesian Students and Professionals (academia, industry, government, etc.) from all backgrounds are also welcomed to apply.


The course is equivalent to KU3013 Humanitarian Project B (2 SKS)

Learning outcomes for this course:
(b) an ability to prelimnarily design components, systems, and/or processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints in such aspects as law, economic, environment, social, politics, health and safety, sustainability as well as to recognize and/or utilize the potential of local and national resources with global perspective,
(d) an ability to identify, formulate, analyze, and solve complex engineering problems,
(f) an ability to initiating effective communication in oral and written manners,
(h) an ability to initiate to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural team.

Program Cost:

Free for ITB students and international students (undergraduate, postgraduate or professional degree program)


Please visit following link to apply for ITB International Virtual Courses

Registration: https://admission.itb.ac.id/home/summer-courses


Offline and Virtual Meeting Platform (to be announced later)