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Prof. Dr. Ir. Rizal Z. Tamin
Research Interests

Construction Industry Development Policy, Project Delivery System, Public Private Partnership


Construction Industry, Project Delivery, Project Financing

Email : [at]si.itb.ac.id

  • S3 – Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC), Paris, France, 1986
  • S2 – Diploma d’Etudes Approfondie en Genie Civil, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC), Paris, France, 1984
  • S2 – Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat (ENTPE), Lyon, France, 1983
  • Certificate, Post Graduate Program on Highway Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, 1981
  • S1 – Teknik Sipil, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 1979
  • Award 35 Years of Loyalty to ITB, Rector – Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), 2016
  • Satya Lencana Karya Satya 30 years – President of the Republic of Indonesia, 2012
  • Satya Lencana Karya Satya 20 years – President of the Republic of Indonesia, 2007
  • Award 25 Years of Loyalty to ITB, Rector – ITB, 2005
  • Ganesa Wira Adi Utama, Rector – ITB, 2001
  • Satya Lencana Pembangunan, President of the Republic of Indonesia, 2000
  • Award from the Minister of Public Works for Exellent Performance in Graduate Program of Highway in ITB (in collaboration with the Department of Public Works), 1981.
  • Penghargaan Bidang Pengajaran, Dies ITB ke 60, ITB, 2019
  • Member of Construction Safety Committee, Ministry of Public Works and Housing. (2019 – now)
  • Member of Higher Education Board (DPT) on Academic Development, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. (2009 – now)
  • Advisor – National Construction Services Development Board (LPJKN).
  • Member and Organizing Board – Indonesian Institution of Engneers (PII).
  • Member and Organizing Board – Association of Indonesian Road Development (HPJI).
  • Member – Association of Indonesian Construction Management Experts (HAMKI).
  • Recent publication:
  • D.Viby Indrayana, Krishna S.Pribadi, Rizal Z.Tamin, Iris Mahani: Studi Pelaksanaan Integrasi SMK3 dan SMKK Pada BUMN PT XX (Persero), Jurnal Teknik Sipil , Vol.28, No.1, April 2021, 93-106
  • Nindita Ayu Kusumaningrum, Iris Mahani, Rizal Z.Tamin,”Kajian Kesiapan Implementasi Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan Konstruksi (SMKK) Pada Kontraktor Kecil di Kabupaten Kebumen”, civil Engineering Research Forum, UII, 2021
  • Y.A. Tanne, Iris Mahani, Rizal Z. Tamin: Analisa Qualitative Value for Money pada Skema Availability Payment untuk Pengembangan Infrastruktur di Tingkat Kota/Kabupaten di Indonesia, Prosiding Simposium Nasional Teknologi Infrastruktur, Januari 2021
  • Iris Mahani, Rizal Z.Tamin, Rani GK Pradoto, Meifrinaldi: Peluang dan Hambatan Penyelenggaraan Infrastruktur Perkotaan Melalui Kerjasama Pemerintah Badan Usaha; Prosiding KonTekS 2020
  • Ipak N M Bukit, Puti F Marzuki, Rizal Z Tamin and Meifrinaldi, 2019, Stakeholders interaction framework of utilities development in and adjacent to the public right of way in Indonesia, Proceding GCEE 2019.
  • Herry Ludiro Wahyono, Jati Utomo Dwi Hatmoko, Rizal Z. Tamin, 2019, State Financial Losses in Public Procurement Construction Project in Indonesia, Journal, Article of Buildings 2019, 9, Accepted: 20 May 2019; Published: 23 May 2019, Vol 9, Issue 5, EISSN 2075-5309.
  • Iris Mahani, Rizal Z. Tamin, Krishna S. Pribadi, and Andreas Wibowo, “The Risks of Construction Grant Support in Toll Road Investment Faced by Indonesia’s Government”, Proceeding MATEC Web of Conferences Vol  270, Article Number 05001,  Number of Page 6 (2019), ConCERN-2 2018.
  • Tamin R.Z., (2018). Realization of Public Infrastructure as Production Accelerator in Economic Sector (Indonesian Experience – Construction Accidents in Accelerated Infrastructure Development Projects), Keynote Speaker in 4th Sustainability Initiatives Case Studies in Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Widiasanti, I., Tamin, R.Z., Marzuki, P.F., Wiratmaja, I.I. (2018), Development of Civil Engineers’ Certification System Evaluation Model, 3rd Annual Applied Science and Engineering Conference (AASEC 2018), IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 434 (2018) 012196, IOP Publishing
  • Marzuki, P.F. and Tamin R.Z. (2017), Challenges of Design-Build Method Implementation in Public Works Project Delivery, in “Resilient Structures and Sustainable Construction”, Eds. Pellicer et al., ISBN: 978-0-9960437-4-8, Proceedings of the Ninth International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, Valencia, Spain, July 24-29, 2017.
  • Iris Mahani, Rizal Z. Tamin, Krishna S.Pribadi and Andreas Wibowo, 2017 “Evaluation of Implementation Viability Gap funding (VGF) Policy on Toll Road Investment in Indonesia”AIP Conference Proceedings, Terindex Scopus Proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Construction and Building Engineering (ICONBUILD 2017), Smart Conctruction Toward Global Challenges, Palembang 14-17 Agustus 2017
  • Irika Widiasanti, Rizal Z Tamin, Puti Farida, Iwan Inrawan Wiratmaja, “Academic Input for the Management of Certification of Construction Engineer based on Decrees No. 11, 2014 on Engineering”, Proceeding The Third International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment SIBE 2017 Bandung, Indonesia – September 26th – 27th 2017