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Dr. Eng Febri Zukhruf
Research Interests

Freight Transport Network Optimization, Metahueristics, Humanitarian Logistics.


Email : [at]si.itb.ac.id

  • 2009 Bachelor in Civil Engineering, ITB
  • 2010 Master in Transportation Engineering,  ITB
  • 2014 PhD in Logistic Management System, Kyoto University.
  • Published papers on Journal of Civil Engineering, Transporation Research Part E , Journal of Operation Research, and International Journal of Technology
  • Granted 1 patent, 2 copyrights of software, and 2 copyrights of brand.
  • Engaged with researches relating to freight transport optimization, network optimization, humanitarian logistics, etcas PI and co-PI .
  • Experienced as a reviewer for European Journal of Operation Research, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Journal of Advanced Transportation, Asian Journal of Scientific Research, and Journal of Civil Engineering.
  • Involved with several community services, e.g., operational design of the rural school bus, framework development for rural logistics, etc.
  • Developed software for network optimization (i.e., optant-series)