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Prof. Barti Setiani
Research Interests

Environmental biology and microbiology


Email : [at]tl.itb.ac.id

  • Bachelor Degree: Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.
  • Master Degree: Universite Metz, Metz – Perancis
  • Doctoral Degree:Universite de Grenoble-Joseph Fourier, Grenoble – Perancis

Indonesian Society of Sanitary and Environmental Engineers

  • 2021 “The importance of Helminth Eggs assessment in Indonesia for water reuse and disease prevention”
  • 2020 “Determination of surface water quality based on macrozoobenthos biodiversity and the prevalence of trematodes cercariae in freshwater molluscs.”
  • 2020 “Helminth eggs assessment of fecal sludge in urban area of Bandung, Indonesia”, E3S Web of Conferences 148, 04002
  • 2020 “Macrozoobentos distribution as a bioindicator of water quality in the upstream of the citarum river”, Journal of Ecological Engineering 21(3), 10-17
  • 2020 “The Removal of Organic Materials and Nutrients with Addition of Artificial Supporting Materials in the Water Body (A Case Study of Cikapayang River, Bandung City Hall)”, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 409(1), 012007
  • 2019 “Microplastic distribution in surface water and sediment river around slum and industrial area (case study: Ciwalengke River, Majalaya district, Indonesia)”, Chemosphere 224, 637-645
  • 2018 “Conservative solute transport from soil to runoff flow in a steep slope area”, International Journal of Technology 9(7), 1429-1438
  • 2018 “Determinant parameters for upstream ecological status assessment of Citarum River, Indonesia”, International Journal of GEOMATE 15(50), 205-216
  • 2017 “Coping with poor water supply in peri-urban Bandung, Indonesia: towards a framework for understanding risks and aversion behaviours”, Environment and Urbanization 29(1), 69-88
  • 2017 “Cultivating innovation and equity in co-production of commercialized spring water in peri-urban Bandung, Indonesia.”, Water Alternatives 10(1), 134-159
  • 2017 “The effect of physical accessibility and service level of water supply on economic accessibility: a case study of Bandung City, Indonesia”, Water International 42(7), 831-851
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