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International Student Competition 2022

International Student Competition 2022

International Student Competition 2022
As part of the road to SIBE 2022, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering ITB will hold an International Competition. If you’re willing to join us in this particular event, you will gain access to our workshop and also all side events of SIBE 2022.


As the problems in society become more and more complex, it is no longer enough for Engineers in Civil and Environmental Engineering to try to tackle these problems when they arise. Now, more than ever, Engineers need a sense of vision and imagination of what type of future we can create for society. Not only is the ability to envision and to imagine a better society important, it has become more and more pressing for Engineers to work with various other fields and to be be able to communicate this vision to the public.

Hence as part of SIBE 2022, we will organize a Multidisciplinary Competition to envision the future a city of your choice in Indonesia for 2045. In this competition, Undergraduate students are expected to be able to identify the biggest problems in their city and try to solve it with a Multidsciplinary Engineering solution.

Imagining a Sustainable and Resilient ASEAN City in 2045: an Engineering Perspective

To provide innovative solution and design future ASEAN City from multi-disciplinary thinking

Competition stage:
Stage 1: Essay competition
Stage 2 : Design competition

Group of students who must be undergraduate students until June 2022 in related topic (at least 2 different field representative)

Best entries are awarded: certificate and prize
Are you ready for the challenge?
Submit your work before 13 November 2021.
For more information, please go to our website SIBE