Book about Computer Methods in Water Resources II, vol 3 by C. Thirriot, A. Arwin

A detailed numerical study using the concrete example of the Citarum reservoir managernent in Indonesia is achieved to determine the effect of the discretization of time and state function (water stock volume). The influence of variations of parameters ∆t and ∆o and on the graph which gives the maximum output relating to stock’ initial state and on optimal way track which defines the best management is examined for different hypotheses on input estimation and utility function definition. From the sensitivity of the maximum value of economic function, the exploitation possibility to achieved result corresponding to a thin cut from quite rough discretization is examined. Instability risks are detected for quite rough cut. In every case, the correlation of time step and space step are scrutinized. Incertanties ,errors, due to the cuts are compared with unavoidable data uncertainties

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